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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Johansson Invokes Spirit Of Late Monroe

Scarlett Johansson

She was wearing ruby red lipstick to complete the look. Designer Stefano Gabbana was cited as saying, Scarlett is confident. In the photo, the Lost In Translation star puts on sheets of white silk wearing a corset and underwear. According to the latest news, photos of the young actress for the new campaign will remember the end Marilyn Monroe. Recently it was reported that actress Scarlett Johansson is the new face of a beauty from range Dolce. You re very Dolce Gabbana. She `sa beautiful girl, but she` really easygoing.

Meet Your New Los Angeles Dodgers Gm


(Wow, just typing the names gives me an ugly vision of this season. Left field problem solved. Allow me to play the role of Dodgers GM for a minute since the real GM is too busy signing big players like Claudio Vargas and Guillermo Mota. ) First, let talk about offense (pitching will come in another article. ) The Dodgers really have only two holes to fill second base and left field. In my first act as GM, I would ask Scott Boras (who prefers to think of text) and give him a deadline of two weeks for talks on Manny Ram rez.

Finite Incantatem Inauguration And Musical Rumors

Harry Potter

This seems to have traveled from an article that suggests the JKR would be the schedule for the future state dinners, mirrored to another that she d be the inauguration, to another that will be supporting. As of this moment no invitation has been received. (And with seven days to go, that the Board better hurry to post office). The Scotsman now has two points in a report Harry Potter: first, that JK Rowling is about to receive an invitation to a January 20. Inaugural Balls in Washington, DC.

World Of Warcraft Pom Poms

World Of Warcraft

This time it Eldrian, sister of Pike as well as appearance of the hare, and his creations are amazing. Very frightening, and very meticulously created - one of the more than 10 hours to make. I have no idea how to describe pom-poms. And as you might expect, given that reading this here on WoW Insider, someone brought together in these materials World Of Warcraft related items, and as usual, the results are awesome. I imagine that re like little balls of fur that can be mounted along with the usual processing supplies, small figurines or objects. We ve made some of the best shots of the data in the gallery below, but not t forget to head over and check his page to see the front, side and rear shocks all. You know Druid, and then there are all forms Druid for both factions (there are two moonkins above), and she also Hunter and pets, and a Warlock Voidwalker, and even the mountains and little flags Warsong Gulch.

Eva Longoria Parker Denies Avengers Rumors

Eva Longoria

Despite being photographed leaving Marvel Comics offices carrying Avengers cartoons last September, with speculation that it was for the part of The Wasp in The Avengers movie, Eva Longoria Parker refused to be expressed in Avengers movie, MTV reports.However, Longoria has done Ryan Seacrest first said the Golden Globes that l would love to play a role in The Avengers if it was presented the opportunity.